Author Success
We make it virtually impossible to fail at growing your author business to boost book sales and craft the exact life you want to live.
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Tired of working so hard with disappointing results?
Get ready for an incredible change!
Would you like an entire team of publishing and marketing experts dedicated to the success of your books? How would your life change if you didn’t have to spend hours figuring out where to focus book marketing efforts? What if you had laser-sharp focus on the exact steps to get you phenomenal results?
Achieve incredible sales numbers without spending a single dime on advertising. Quit wasting your precious time on ineffective marketing!

We make failure nearly impossible with crystal clear guidance and the exact, hands-on help you need to accelerate your book marketing results to sensational new levels of success.
The Author Success Accelerator is a monthly coaching program paired with professional services to accelerate book marketing results and dramatically boost your earnings.
Here's what you get when you join.
Professional support for business-minded independent authors
Feel your frustrations melt away when you achieve true progress. You'll know exactly what to do next to advance your earnings with remarkable speed.
Forget trying to become an expert in everything! Your experienced coach will show you how to put strategies, ideas and tools to work for your unique books.
Direct Help
Let us do the heavy lifting! You can rely on our team of talented designers, web techs and marketing specialists to make your dream a reality.
We're serious when we say you don't have to it alone.
Get your own team of talented professionals.
The best part!
Gain the power of a full-service publishing team custom built to meet the needs of the serious independent author - without bearing the huge cost of running a publishing house.

Our team of enthusiastic professionals work directly with you to make sure you meet your milestones. Whatever help you need - we're ready to assist! We have experts skills in everything from book production to web design to marketing outreach.
We're not just going to show you the way to results, we'll lend a hand every step of the way! 
Make fast progress with simple, weekly tasks.
Don't waste your time or energy spinning your wheels on marketing that gets you nowhere. Not only do you have the the marketing roadmap you co-create with Kelsye and the Gutsy Creatives team, you also get simple, weekly tasks lists to keep you focused and on the tasks that really matter. Plan to invest just 5 hours of your time each week.
Task clarity? Check!
Laser-sharp focus? Check!
High impact action? Check!
More time and brain space to write? Check!
Working together will be a blast!
We make it impossible for you to fail at growing your author business. Let's talk! We'll see what you can achieve the in accelerator.
- Kelsye Nelson, Gutsy Creatives Founder
So much good stuff!
Platform audit & foundation strategy session: 
Evaluation of existing books and author platform audit to identify initial strengths and opportunities. This includes a private onboarding call and virtual strategy session. Foundation activities include creating/refining your vision, defining author persona, key audience, and defining milestones for success. ($2500 value)

Publishing and promotion road map: 
A publishing and promotion plan crafted to meet your specific publishing goals. This detailed road map provides the step-by-step instructions you need to experience publishing success and a powerful pride in your book(s). Your coach identifies your top three activities from your custom roadmap to complete each week, so you don’t become overwhelmed with tasks or waste time on empty efforts. ($3500 value)

1-on-1 consultation and UNLIMITED on-demand coaching: 
Two private, one-hour consulting sessions with Kelsye each month, to be scheduled at your leisure (via phone or video conference). Plus, unlimited consulting via private messaging and access to exclusive drop-in office hours. ($697 value)

Direct support from a team of skilled professionals:
You don’t have to do it all on your own! You start with a credit for 80 hours of direct assistance from the Gutsy Creatives team. Our remote assistants can help with web design, book design, social media marketing, PR and outreach, research and more! Use these support hours as you wish, when you wish. Maybe you need a new author website, or perhaps custom graphics for your book marketing. Whatever it is you need to move forward, we’ll be there to help figure it out or simply do it for you. We add professional project management at no additional charge so that you are free of team task management responsibilities. ($2400 value)

Welcome box: 
A gift box put together just for you! In addition to productivity, planning and publishing resources, you’ll find a delightful collection of books, motivations and surprises chosen to support your specific publishing goals. ($50 value)

Invitations to exclusive trainings and office hours: 
Offered only to Gutsy Creatives students and clients, these trainings focus on industry trends, key marketing skills, successful promotion case studies, time management and productivity tips for busy authors. You also receive access to an exclusive monthly group Q&A of profession authors led by Kelsye Nelson. This is your opportunity to connect with your peers, ask for guidance and share challenges. ($297 value)
Here is everything you get when you enroll in the accelerator.
Benefits renewed each month:
You can count on us to stick with and support you long after you’ve received your initial assessment and marketing roadmap. Each month, you’ll receive an additional twenty (20) service hours to use as you like, plus two (2) more private consulting hours to be scheduled at your convenience. This is in addition service hours and consulting credited to you at enrollment! ($1300 value)
Each month in the program, you get even more assistance.
But wait, there's more!
1-on-1 coaching with Kelsye
Need important questions answered to move your author business ahead? Want a second set of eyes on your marketing, and positive accountability so you stay on track?

During your private coaching calls, you can ask Gutsy Creatives CEO Kelsye Nelson all your toughest questions. Get the guidance and encouragement you need to move forward.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you aren’t completely blown away and excited to move forward after your first 7 days of meeting the team, exploring your project dashboard and experiencing your first consultation, we require you to ask for your money back. If you are unhappy with the accelerator for any reason, you'll get a 100% refund. Your welcome gifts are yours to keep!
7 Day
We've got you covered with two satisfaction guarantees!
90 Day
Results Guarantee
We guarantee that 90 days into the program, you’ll be blown away with the progress you’ve made! You’ll be equipped with a publishing and marketing road map perfectly crafted to achieve your goals. You’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. With the work completed both by you and service team in the first three months of the program, you’ll have a great head start! If you aren’t totally in love with the marketing plan and publishing strategies we craft together, you’ll get a 100% refund

You get to keep all the materials and bonuses we’ve given you, plus any unused service hour credits. That’s right! We’ll still finish your project hours to make sure you have the support you need to level up your book marketing. Full details.
Refund Promise
Not sure if it's right for you?
Ready to see a real change?
Discuss strategy with Kelsye to see how you can use the Author Success Accelerator to dramatically boost the results of your author marketing.
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Enrollment Details
Enrollment Investment
This one-time enrollment investment provides all these benefits, plus two months of coaching.
$6497 if paid at once, $7000 with payment plan.
  • Full book and platform audit
  • On-boarding call and foundation strategy session
  • Marketing strategy and promotion road map
  • 2 private one-hour consulting sessions with Kelsye
  • Unlimited on-demand coaching
  • Weekly action plan with expert oversight and accountability
  • 80 publishing team service hours
  • Access to exclusive trainings and office hours
  • Co-promotion matching and peer support
After your first 60 days in the accelerator, extend your coaching and service support with a monthly membership. Each month, you'll receive these additional benefits:
Not required for initial enrollment. Cancel at any time.
  • 2 additional private one-hour consulting sessions with Kelsye
  • 20 additional publishing team service hours
  • Unlimited coaching via email/forum
  • Access to exclusive trainings and office hours
  • Weekly action plan with expert oversight and accountability
Monthy Service & Coaching
Accelerator FAQs
If you don't see the answer to your question here, you can send us an email or book a private call with Kelsye.

What help does the Gutsy Creatives team offer for my service hours?
The Gutsy Creatives team offers a full suite of services from book production to marketing. Here's a sample list of some of the work you may ask the team to complete for you:
  • Editing / proofreading
  • Print book layout
  • eBook creation
  • Cover design
  • Publishing on Amazon or Ingram Spark
  • Web design
  • Technical assistance - such as with hosting or wordpress setup
  • eCommerce
  • Product development
  • Email marketing
  • Automated marketing funnels
  • Graphic design and branding
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Blog tours and podcast outreach
  • Promotional / supplemental asset production
  • Administrative assistance
  • Market research

I already have a staff, assistant or marketing consultant. Can your team work with my team?
Yes! We're happy to coordinate our efforts with your current team or any consultants you may wish to work with.

Do my service hours expire?
Service hours expire either 1 year or 6 months from initial award. Details:
  • Hours awarded at program enrollment:  Hours must be redeemed within 6 months of initial purchase. A maximum of 40 hours may be redeemed each calendar month.
  • Bonus hours awarded at program enrollment: If the Author Participant was awarded an extra allotment of hours at enrollment (beyond initial 40), up to 40 additional hours may be redeemed each month until the initial bonus allotment is exhausted.
  • Hours awarded on monthly basis: Hours awarded at the start of each month  must be redeemed within 6 months of original purchase. Hours not redeemed roll over to the next month. A maximum of 40 hours may be redeemed each calendar month.

How much time should I expect to work on publishing and marketing activities each week?
Plan to spend an average of 5 focused hours each week on publishing and marketing tasks. While you’re welcome to invest as much time as you’d like to move things along faster, we design our roadmaps assuming an average of 5 hours of author involvement each week. You may need to allocate more of your time during special periods, such as the weeks around a book launch or if you choose an intensive PR campaign. These periods will never be a surprise. You’ll pre-approve all of your marketing activities and know of any special periods well in advance.

Do I have to pay for enrollment and monthly coaching?
The program consists of two parts. 1) Initial program enrollment. 2) Monthly coaching and support. The monthly coaching is completely optional.
  1. Enrollment: The enrollment investment you pay when you first join the program includes everything we need to get you set up with your initial assessment, custom strategy, a big chunk of service hours, plus private consulting. You only pay this once. You also receive two months of coaching and additional services.
  2. Monthly coaching: 60 days after your initial enrollment, you may choose to remain in the Author Success Accelerator with a monthly service and coaching membership. This is completely optional. You may cancel your monthly participation at any time.

Are there any additional costs?
There are no additional costs you are required to pay to participate in the accelerator. You will need to have your own domain and hosting. You will also need an email marketing provider. If you do not have these already, we can suggest providers for all price ranges.

Do I need to pay for advertising to promote my book?
You do not need to pay for advertising. We do not rely on ads or paid promotions to boost your sales and sign-ups. If you would like to add advertising  to support your promotion efforts, we can help you set up and maintain your campaigns. You may set whatever budget you wish for advertising spend. However, our outreach and promotion strategies do not rely on paid advertising.

What if my book isn’t published yet?
No problem! We'll be thrilled to help with your launch. It would be best if you already have a website established so that we can focus immediately on growth and book launch activities. If we're starting completely from scratch, you need to expect about two months focused on building your author platform. If you aren't sure you're in the right stage to join the program, just schedule a call with Kelsye to talk it through.

Can you help revive older books whose sales have completely tanked?
Yes! We love working with previously-published books as we may focus on promotion and growth activities right from the start. Your books haven’t come close to reaching their full potential. We'll help you transform book flops to success without begging for sales or wasting money on ineffective, one-shot advertising.

Is the program just for indie authors, or may traditionally published authors join as well?
Both traditionally published and indie authors are welcome in the program. We adjust our promotion activities to work well with your existing abilities, limitations and resources.

Who is not a good fit for this accelerator?
If you are still working on writing your first book and are more than 6 months from completion, we recommend that you wait before joining the accelerator. You will get much more value from the program if you already have at least one book published, or plan to publish within the next 6 months.

Your involvement is required to achieve success in the accelerator. If you can't allow at least a couple hours each week to work on book promotion activities, progress will be painfully slow.

Is this program best for fiction or non-fiction authors?
The Author Success Accelerator welcomes both fiction and non-fiction authors. Your strategy and our team efforts will be customized to meet the needs of your unique readership. We craft remarkable revenue building opportunities for authors across genres.
Can I get a refund?
You sure can. We offer two refund policies.

7-Day Mandatory Refund Policy:
If you aren’t completely blown away and excited to move forward after your first 7 days of meeting the team, exploring your project dashboard and experiencing your first consultation, I require you to ask for your money back. If we can’t do this small thing, we don’t deserve your money. Your welcome gifts are yours to keep! There’s only ONE condition: Please tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with the program, so we have a chance to make it better.

90 Day Results Guarantee:
I guarantee that 90 days into the program, you’ll be blown away with the progress you’ve made! You’ll be equipped with a publishing and marketing road map perfectly crafted to achieve your goals. You’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. With the work completed both by you and service team in the first three months of the program, you’ll have a great head start! If you aren’t totally in love with the marketing plan and publishing strategies we craft together, we’ll refund 100% of your enrollment investment.

You get to keep all the materials and bonuses we’ve given you, plus any service hour credits you haven’t yet redeemed. That’s right! We’ll still finish out the hours we promised you to make sure you have the support you need to level up your book marketing.

All we ask is that you give it an honest effort. To qualify for the refund, you must complete the majority of your agreed upon milestone tasks for the first 90-days, plus claim all your available direct consulting hours so that Kelsye can make sure we’ve done everything possible to craft the perfect plan and start getting results. Refund request must be made within 95 days of program enrollment date.
Do you offer payment plans or financing?
Yes! Here are two ways you can finance your enrollment.

Split-payment option:
Simply click here to request a payment plan. We can split your enrollment investment into two or three installments, just let us know which you prefer. We'll reply to your request with a special enrollment link.

PayPal Credit:
For longer-term financing, you may enroll with PayPal credit. To apply, follow these steps:
  1. Click join today. (Program current full. Check back later.)
  2. Add the Author Success Accelerator to your cart.
  3. Click the "Proceed to checkout" button.
  4. Choose the PayPal payment option, then click the big blue "PayPal Credit" button that appears below.
  5. Follow PayPal's instructions to finalize your application.
Still have questions?
Schedule an informational call with Kelsye to discuss your publishing goals and challenges. We'll figure out together if the accelerator is right for you.
Or, email support.
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